Coaching Research

Increasing Role of the Principal

Bossi (2008), in his Leadership article, Does Leadership coaching Really Work?, advocates those new to the position should receive coaching to deal with the increasing demands of the job such as implementing instructional programs, best teaching practices, managing the budget, and personnel issues often are barriers to success for new principals. As Bossi (2008) contends, without support for these challenges it could have a devastating result. He says, “It is failing to understand, respect and effectively respond to all the diverse elements of the school community…that can prematurely end new principal’s careers (Bossi, 2008, p. 32).” 

Bossi, M. (2008). Does leadership coaching really work? Full Text

Why are Principals Leaving the Profession?

Sadly, principals are burning out and moving on at an alarming rate (Boyce & Bowers, 2016) and principal turnover is a growing concern nationwide. Moreover, Boyce and Bowers (2016) suggest that principal turnover also negatively impacts teacher and staff morale which ultimately leads to a lack of commitment within the school and therefore is a threat to school climate. They maintain that the impact of such findings are especially alarming as there is evidence to suggest that principals require seven years or more before they are able to successfully implement change within a school. We need to have an understanding of why they are leaving and who they are. As a result, school districts should create a model of coaching designed to support principals so they stay in the position and enjoy the job.

Boyce, J. & Bowers, A.J. (2016). Principal Turnover: Are There Different Types of Principals who Move From or Leave Their Schools? Educational Leadership (15).

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