Coaching Services

One-on-One Coaching Package

Our goal at Coaching School Leadership is to support school leaders with practical, hands-on, one-on-one coaching focused on strategies that promote principals reflecting upon their practice in a non-evaluative or non-judgmental manner. Coaching services may be obtained by School Districts, Schools, or individual principals. A coaching package includes:

  • Dr. Hausner, with over 15 years site leadership experience, assigned as the principal’s individual coach.
  • Scheduled monthly face-to-face coaching sessions, held on the school campus.
  • Confidential sessions with a principal driven agenda.
  • Sessions focused on problem analysis, goal setting, outcomes, action planning, problem solving, and progress monitoring.


Benefits of Coaching

  • Interacting with an experienced coach who provides practical strategies and suggestions will help leaders navigate the day-to-day challenges of the principalship.
  • Leaders will benefit from a relationship with a mentor who has 17 years experience as a principal and district leader.
  • One-on-one coaching sessions will focus on on job-specific goals and problems of practice enabling the acceleration of individual growth.
  • The coach provides unbiased, honest, objective feedback in a non-evaluative manner to improve self-efficacy for leadership and promote change. 
  • Principals have regular access to an expert coach via onsite coaching sessions, virtual eCoaching sessions, or a blended approach. All approaches include “on call” availability.
  • Principals will receive support from a respectful, collegial, solutions-oriented coach.

2 Day In-District Workshops

Finally, a professional growth opportunity that is actually designed for principals, about the principalship! After years of lost opportunities in professional learning, CSL is proud to offer principals targeted, meaningful, ongoing professional development and support to help them navigate one of the most isolated positions in education today.

When partnering with CSL, districts receive a two day in-district workshop. Day 1 is an Introductory Kick-off that is designed to engage leaders in the latest research on coaching, introduce leaders to the CSL coaching framework,  and establish expectations for working with a confidential, one-one-one coach. 

Day 2 is an end of year review. Typically, this day is scheduled in mid-spring to monitor progress, revisit goals and results, and recalibrate expectations for the upcoming school year.

CSL Sample Implementation Plan

CSL Sample Workshop Agenda